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you need an edge to win in the markets and having unique custom technical indicators is a great way to assist in finding profitable trades. Unlike other indicators in the market, we don’t use data from one, but two indicators to make sure you get the perfect entry.

Let's Assume...

You enter a trade after carefully analyzing the market. You got all the necessary confirmation. You are sure that the market is gonna go in your direction. BUT BOOM! The market moved against your analysis & you lost a lot of money. Let’s face it, the forex market is filled with manipulation.

To detect those manipulations for you, we have the

MEGA Divergence finder.

This allows you to detect fakeout through specialized algorithms prepared by analyzing the last 5 years' market data. Whenever there is a fake higher high, lower low, or manipulation in the market, our indicator will show you the fake out like this.

Now, If you are wondering. Ok, I know there is fakeout here, But when do I enter the trade?

Then comes our Mega Entry Finder. Mega Entry Finder has 2 lines, blue & red. After seeing a fakeout with our MEGA Divergence Indicator, all you need to do is just wait for the blue & red lines to intersect together. Whenever these two intersect, BOOM. You got your entry. You can make profit from any pair, currency, commodity, indices, even in crypto.

Mega Expert Indicator run on the popular charting platform MT4, MT5 &TradingView. With the power of 2 indicators will show you exactly what levels to buy, sell and close your trades for any instrument on any timeframe.

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  • You will get sniper entry with zero drawdowns for every trade.
  • Its' 90% accuracy will assure that you don’t miss profit.
  • It will allow you to trade cryptocurrencies, stocks, metals, indices, commodities, and currencies with any broker using the MT4/MT5 and TradingView platform.
  • Whether you're a day trader using minute charts, a swing trader using hourly charts or a position trader using daily charts our indicators work on all timeframes. This indicator works on all timeframes - from minute (M1) to daily (D1). But for the best output, use a 15M timeframe.
  • You can fully customize the indicator on the chart control panel.
  • In the drawing settings, you can easily choose colors and line sizes of the divergences as per your preference.
  • This indicator can monitor all 28 pairs at the same time.
  • You will find this indicator useful in spotting a weakening trend or reversal in momentum.
  • Sometimes you can even use it as a signal for a trend to continue.
  • Our tool offers divergence detection on all timeframes simultaneously, in an amazingly comfortable and intuitive control panel with the possibility of the show and hide, to keep your chart as clean as possible.

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